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Geared for relaxation & solitude

When it comes to venues for relaxing, unwinding, then you have to get it right. Combine the fresh country air, open spaces, the psychological 'departure of city life' then you have found the absolute right place to be. This is the place where 'being just you', sans the stress and strains of city life, your job, other people, is a prerequisite. Come and just be.

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Cosy Dining Room

This is the romantic capital of the weekend. With a 'layered' serving of 3 course dinners, set in an atmosphere that creates a romantic or laid back mood. Our country gourmet dinners are now 'almost famous'.

Delicious meals are served here - not to mention proposals - as well as 'late n lazy' breakfasts. Rise late, and saunter after a well deserved nights rest, and enjoy a slow easy breakfast.

Romantic couples bath

Romantic Couples Bath

The perfect 'captive audience' is having your loved one in the couples bath with you. It's exclusive. It's beautiful.

Indulge yourself. It can be a spiritual experience. Conversations are different, focused, meaningful.

Enjoy a romantic candlelit bath, accompanied only by some sherry, wine or a liqueur. Devine. Just imagine ...

Themed outdoor shower uner the stars

Outdoor Shower Under the Stars

There is something special about showering under the stars, in the country fresh air. It is liberating, to say the least. Who would have said a shower could be this memorable?

Each of our suites has a different outdoor shower theme, which entails a garden landscape defining it.

Honesty bar in open-air lounge

Honesty Bar

An open policy of honesty - means you come and go at the bar as you like and sign out wha tyou drink. Take a bottle to your suite, relax there.

The bar carries the most popular beers, ciders and wines. It may be a good idea though, to let us know beforehand if you enjoy something exotic or 'not that common' so we can make an attempt to get it for you.

Open Air Lounge at Feathered Nest

Open-Air Lounge

The centre of the relaxing paradise. Kick back, take in a refreshment, read your novel, magazine, or just listen to some soothing sounds.

Chat with other guests, or watch an important national or international rugby, cricket or golf game or tournament. Then get back to unwinding and relaxation.

Open Fire & braai area at Feathered Nest

Open Fire & Braai Area

While braaing (for our international guests, that's a BBQ) is a popular South African weekend activity, this is one of the most talked about experiences. It brings guests together, with the sharing of stories, the telling of jokes (always a big hit) and it is always a great time had as we move towards the stroke of midnight.

Situated right alongside the honesty bar, the music fills the air, and you may even see an owl (one we have released in the past).

Splash Pool for cooling the summer days

Splash Pool

The perfect place to be on a hot summers day - right next to the splash pool, sipping a refreshment, reading a book or just soaking up the sun.

Not only is it relaxing, the water and fresh air have a truly soothing effect. Cool-off and then take a walk in the gardens.